Posted by: Dan | June 11, 2011

Poaching and Cypriot thuggery

Poachers ‘mafia-like’ operation

UP TO FOUR million German television viewers have been shown disturbing footage of Cypriot bird trappers assaulting a group of conservationists on a top-rated current affairs programme.
Germany’s largest private free-to-air station RTL broadcast a report titled: “Dirty business – how millions of birds end up as table delicacies”, which featured graphic video of a poacher brandishing a plank of wood whilst attempting to bundle a conservationist into the back of a truck near Paralimni.
Footage of several terrified ornithologists being threatened by an irate poacher was also featured in the film, which was shown on Thursday evening and comes exactly a year after a brutal attack by poachers left several conservationists injured in hospital.

It’s nice to see this kind of publicity getting out there across Europe, but sadly, this isn’t news. It’s what BirdLife Cyprus‘ staff has to worry about on a regular basis. We conservationists simply can’t openly go to certain areas of Cyprus without fearing for our safety.


  1. Your’re counting out Internet viewers as this makes the news. Great publicity and surely we have to be thankful to Tourism authorities like the CTO for taking up the Nature and biodiversity agenda seriously – great impact, now the cleanup


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