Posted by: Dan | June 9, 2011

Podcast: Martin Hellicar interviewed

It’s always fantastic when Martin gets a little extra publicity for his campaigning work for BirdLife Cyprus. For those who don’t know Martin, he’s the Campaigns officer for BirdLife Cyprus. While he does a lot of work with habitat protections, his work against illegal bird trapping in Cyprus gets a bit more press, and is the subject of the podcast.

A short conversation with Martin Hellicar, Campaigns Manager for BirdLife Cyprus (BLC), following the recent release of BLC’s ‘Trapping Monitoring Report’ which covered this year’s winter season – between December 2010 and February 2011 – and which stated that “over 231,000 birds were caught in nets within the survey area during the 2010-11 winter season”. The report also gave the staggering estimate of almost 2.5 million birds trapped across the whole of Cyprus in 2010.

Why are so many birds dying, and what can be done to stop this huge and inexcusable slaughter?

Speaking of, the podcast in question is the work of Charlie Moores’ and his Talking Naturally blogging and podcasting efforts.



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