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In Flight: BirdLife Cyprus March Newsletter

FEATURE: Our Avian Forest Gems!
Cyprus, although only 16% of its land mass is covered with forest, hosts more than 34 species of forest birds, 15 all-year residents, eight migratory breeders and 11 winter visitors. All our six endemics have exclusive or partial populations living in forest habitats – exclusive being …
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Pavlos Neophytou 1921-2011
Pavlos Neophytou, the Honorary Secretary of BirdLife Cyprus since 2003, passed away on Thursday, 10th March 2011. He was 90 years old. Pavlos was a founder member and the Secretary of the Cyprus Ornithological Society (COS; 1970) for 33 years. He was the driving force of COS 70 and his name was synonymous with the society…
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Karpas “targeted” for bird counts
A team of birdwatchers, drawn from the staff, committees and memberships of BirdLife Cyprus and KUSKOR, descended on the Karpas peninsula for an intensive weekend of bird recording, between 25 and 27 March, 2011..
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Illegal Bird Trapping for Spring 2011
BirdLife Cyprus has started its preparation for the spring survey of illegal bird trapping. This year is the 9th successive spring season of our monitoring programme which began in spring 2003. The survey will…
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Paralimni Lake Management Plan
BirdLife Cyprus has sent proposals for the Management Plan of Paralimni Lake on February 28 2011 which were further discussed with the researchers at a meeting on March 16 2011. Paralimni Lake is a very important area since it is one of the largest natural lakes on the island…
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Fischler analyses the future of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)
During a big event organized in early March in Nicosia by ArgoLan, the former EU Agriculture Commissioner and architect of the 2003 CAP reform, Franz Fischler, gave an overview of the future of the CAP..
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BirdLife International European partnership meeting
BirdLife Cyprus will be attending the European Partnership Meeting of BirdLife International that will take place 13-17 April 2011, in Budapest, Hungary. The three day meeting agenda is very full, and includes issues on conservation planning, policy decisions as well as..
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The 2nd Cyprus Bird Race – 02/04/2011
This is the second time we are challenging teams of bird watchers (of any level or non birdwatchers) to see as many bird species as they can in 24 hours.
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BirdLife Cyprus reaching pupils
BirdLife Cyprus is trying to raise environmental awareness and achieve the development of environmental values among children through environmental education. Often BirdLife Cyprus is invited to give presentations to pupils of all ages and to plan outdoor visits with schools..
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BirdLife Cyprus at the CUT’s career day
BirdLife Cyprus participated in a “Career Day” organised by the Cyprus University of Technology (CUT). The event was a fruitful initiative aimed at informing undergraduate students of the Environmental Management department about job opportunities in their areas of interest..
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