Posted by: Dan | March 16, 2011

2nd Annual Cyprus Bird Race

Credit: BirdLife Cyprus

BirdLife Cyprus is getting ready for its second annual Bird Race on April 2nd.

Last year’s Bird Race involved 6 teams who saw 154 species over 24 hours, raising money for a Tern raft at Larnaka Sewage Works Pools, in readiness for breeding Terns to use during spring of 2011. And as the organization’s online release describes:

This is a fun, fund raising event and last year several ‘non-birding’ people expressed a great interest in the event, BirdLife Cyprus and our campaigns, so it also increases people’s awareness of birds and adds a wealth of data for conservation purposes. Hopefully, it will also raise more money for conservation.



  1. Good luck in your race, ours is on April 9th.
    It would be great if you could post the bird list of that day, for us to see

  2. Thanks Spyros, yes absolutely I’ll try to post a report of my day in the Bird Race, including a list. Good luck on your race!

  3. Dan,
    It’s George, from Tim Cooley’s site. I want to pick your brain about a quote I have, and how to properly address it…could you e-mail me? I’ll forward you the info from there….
    You should have my e-mail from this comment.


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