Posted by: Dan | February 4, 2011

Animal Rights vs Conservation in Cyprus

My latest beat writer post is up at 10,000 Birds:
Animal Rights vs Conservation in Cyprus



  1. Conservation vs Animal rights can a chicken and egg dilemma that creates an artificial debate while we are facing a clear environmental reality – biodiversity loss, is now at a thousand times higher rate than it should be naturally.
    I second the fact that there is no time for emotions, it’s time for a Game Over with live animals. Might as well get those trigger happy folks used to shooting disks, sooner than later,

  2. Thanks for the comment Patrick. Yeah, I hear you on the chicken and egg dilemma. Still, I hope it provokes a bit of academic discussion…

  3. Hmm… it would seem that I wrote this beat writer post in such a way that it was grossly misunderstood at first. Granted, I’m not a fan of Animal Rights’ philosophy, obviously. But I gave it a shot to present a problem with perception of animal-related activism (AR and Conservation) in Cyprus while being as un-critical of AR as I could be, and I screwed it up somehow. :-/


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