Posted by: Dan | December 30, 2010

Year-end Links

Happy holidays – my gift to you shall be great links to info on the web devoted to the nature of Cyprus.

Nature of Cyprus — Here you will find extensive information (including thousands of photographs and maps) on the nature of Cyprus (beaches, trails, dams, etc), and on its flora and fauna. Emphasis is on the natural attractions of Cyprus plus its plants and birds.

Cyprus Butterflies — Part recording scheme, part informational resource, this site is dedicated to expanding our knowledge of butterflies in Cyprus. Included are photos, identification help, distribution maps, and a framework for conservation of invertebrate species.

Cyprus Reptiles — This site is dedicated to conservation and education as relating to reptiles in Cyprus. In the center of the action is Snake George (Hans-Jorg Wiedl), who discovered the endemic Cyprus Grass Snake and is fighting to save it from extinction.

BirdLife Cyprus — Of course there’s BirdLife Cyprus, working to protect the habitats and populations of birds and more in Cyprus. If you aren’t a member, Join BirdLife Cyprus (only 40 EURO for a family). They also have pin badges and singing fluffy toys for sale!

Cyprus Birding on Flickr — With over 460 photos contributed so far, this Flickr pool is naturally the group I like to follow most closely.



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