Posted by: Dan | December 9, 2010

More anti-trapping efforts

CYPRUS MAIL: Bases police seize more bird-trapping equipment

ANOTHER successful raid took place by the Dhekelia Sovereign Base police yesterday morning to confiscate anything concerned with the illegal poaching of Blackcaps (ambelopoulia) in the Xylofagou-Ormidhia area.

“Since August there have been almost daily campaigns to combat the illegal trapping of birds,” said Andreas Pitsillides, head of the operation and spokesman for the British bases police in Dhekelia. “This morning in collaboration with the British army [the SBA police] conducted a large-scale operation in the Xylofagou firing range,” he added.

Pitsillides also mentioned that since the start of the raids in August up till now, 41 people have been arrested, 439 nets, 175 lime sticks, 102 batteries, 160 speakers, 101 stereos, 18 devices that mimic bird sounds, 2.867 metres of cable, 487 metal poles and 275 metal or concrete bases have been seized.



  1. Awesome! Good to hear efforts are intensifying!
    Any mention of how many people were actually convicted, and what their penalties were??

  2. Unfortunately I haven’t heard a word on the judicial outcomes. I’m hoping that it’ll be mentioned in the final trapping report from Martin, which I think he’ll be sending out soon. Then again, the judicial process might be a bit too slow for that…


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