Posted by: Dan | November 1, 2010

Bearded Reedling

male Bearded Reedling

Bearded Reedling
(alternatively, Bearded Tit or Bearded Parrotbill)
(Panurus biarmicus)
Credit: Wolfram Riech /

There was a major twitch this weekend, which was also a lifer for me. Bearded Tit has only been seen 9 times previously since 1994 in Cyprus, the last time being in 2004. To make it even better, it wasn’t even difficult to see – on Saturday this Bearded Tit (a female) was there about 3 meters away from some 50 birdwatchers, and today it was a bit further off but still quite nice. For a description, see Wikipedia:

“The Bearded Reedling, Panurus biarmicus, is a peculiar small passerine bird. It is also frequently known as the Bearded Tit due to some similarities to Long-tailed Tits, or Bearded Parrotbill since it was later placed with these after it was removed from the true tits in the family Paridae. But according to more recent research, it is actually a unique songbird – no other living species seems to be particularly closely related to it. Thus, it seems that the monotypic family Panuridae must again be recognized.”



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