Posted by: Dan | October 29, 2010

Martin Hellicar interview on Talking Naturally


Charlie talks with Martin Hellicar, Campaigns Manager for BirdLife Cyprus. Martin has been working with BLC since 2003 and is a tireless advocate for Cypriot birds. Among his concerns is the huge and illegal slaughter of birds (mainly Blackcaps Sylvia atricapilla – in 2009 some 3/4 million Blackcaps were sold for €5 each) for a local (and illegal) ‘delicacy’ called ambelopoulia, a slaughter driven by the vast profits that organised gangs are now making selling the birds to local restaurants.

Some of the statistics that Martin gives as he describes the scale of the illegal trapping are truly shocking ie the use of mist nets has risen this year by 140% and limestick usage by 265%, trappers are now protecting their mist nets with dogs and guns, and just over 100 different bird species are known to have been caught illegally!

Listen to the interview here.



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