Posted by: Dan | October 23, 2010

Great Migrations

Reposted from Christy Wilcox’s Observations of a Nerd, just because it looks so good.

On November 7th, National Geographic Channel airs the first of a seven-hour spectacle called Great Migrations. The series takes us on the paths of the world’s most epic wanderers, from the small and delicate butterflies which travel thousands of miles from Mexico to Canada and back again to the yearly gauntlet of the massive herds of Africa. Here’s the trailer:

[The science] of Great Migrations provides unique insight into how scientists study the large-scale movements of animals when they can’t be tracked by foot. This unique scientific perspective truly sets this series apart from the other large-scale wildlife documentaries. As you might expect, high-tech tagging is the main scientific tool. This special brings to life the history of the high-tech tags being used right now to track animals like elephant seals and monarch butterflies, and the stories of the scientists who design and use them. Whether it be being chased by a several thousand pound seal while attempting to anesthetize it or facing lions while tracking the predators of migrating herds, migration scientists risk everything trying to understand how animals navigate about the planet in the attempt not only to gain knowledge but to protect these amazing animals from their biggest threat – us.

For more: check out the:
“Preserve their habitat” section
“Science behind Migrations” section
… or any of a dozen short clips from the show.


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