Posted by: Dan | October 13, 2010

Talking Naturally with Charlie Moores

Talking Naturally podcast with Charlie Moores

Talking Naturally is a brand-spankin’-new podcast, giving a voice to conservationists. It’s hosted by Charlie Moores of 10,000 Birds fame.

And first up is the campaign against hunting of protected species in Malta. In the first episode, Charlie interviews Geoffrey Saliba, the campaign coordinator for BirdLife Malta.

The quiet dignity of this superb conservationist is a stark contrast to the bullies and thugs that roam Malta shooting eagles, ospreys, storks, bee-eaters etc etc. If you want to get an insider’s perspective on the situation in Malta this is one podcast you mustn’t miss.

Listen to it here.



  1. Thanks, Dan. What we now need is an insider’s view of the comparable (?) situation in Cyprus. What are you doing, say tomorrow?

  2. Tomorrow is good. I get off work at 5 and can talk on the phone then, or can be home and on Skype by 6.

  3. Great. Skype at six (sounds like a movie title)!


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