Posted by: Dan | October 5, 2010

Inadequate ‘Efforts’ against trapping

Today the Game Fund claims that it is ‘doing everything it can‘ to reduce bird trapping.

The Head of the Game Fund has said his team are working flat out to stamp out illegal poaching after coming under-fire by bird protection activists.

“Our staff are not able to be everywhere all at the same time, we are doing everything we can. With the current manpower we are doing well and we are about to prosecute a lot of people,” he said. Hadjigerou added that the Game Fund will shortly be publishing a list of recent prosecutions and he would continue to update the public of progress made.

This is in contradiction to the facts that (1) poaching is at its worst in at least 7 years, and trending further upwards; and (2) reports that the government this year has instructed the Game Fund to leave the limestick trappers alone. Add to that the observation that organized crime, who reportedly run many mist-netting operations, has a history of attempting to intimidate the authorities, and we have the appearance at least that the Game Fund isn’t accomplishing very much despite their assurances.

Granted, the reports about limestickers and mist-netters is hearsay. But if that hearsay is completely wrong and the Game Fund is being truthful with their assurances, then why are trapping levels rising to their worst levels since monitoring of trapping began? As their goal should be to eradicate the illegal practice, even maintaining the status quo would be a failure. But it’s not staying the same, it’s getting worse.



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