Posted by: Dan | September 29, 2010

Cyprus Hunters’ Federation discusses environmental policy

This is about the most encouraging thing I’ve ever seen about conservation in Cyprus. Essentially, this news article describes how representatives of the Cyprus Federation for Hunting and Wildlife Conservation are, for the first time to my knowledge, taking an interest in conservation. I’ve mentioned how hunters in Mediterranean countries were lacking in this attitude, and I couldn’t be happier that there are finally signs that this attitude may be changing.

On the issue of the existing wind farms in Orites in Paphos and Alexigros in Larnaca, and a forthcoming 20 Megawatt wind farm in Ayia Anna near Larnaca, [Federation chairman Antonis] Kakoullis said these were a serious problem because of their impact on nearby ecology.

The problem of the wind farms is linked to the illegally built housing in natural areas as both reduce hunting areas and wildlife. “We have a difficult situation with ongoing illegal developments and houses which are being built everywhere. This limits the animals’ habitats and also many of the residents do not want the hunting near their houses.” He added: “These houses are destroying habitat without returning anything to wildlife or the ecosystem.”

Asked about the threat to wildlife and local ecology from poaching, Kakoullis said “We discussed the issue of illegal hunting of partridge, hare and moufflon, and the use of (mist) nets.” Kakoulis said the minister was positive about the idea of increasing the number of police, but they were unable to do this immediately.

Upset about habitat destruction, wind farms, and songbird trapping?? That’s great. They should be upset about these things.



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