Posted by: Dan | September 25, 2010

BirdLife Cyprus and Tourism

BirdLife Cyprus met with authorities of the Cyprus Tourism Organization earlier this month, stressing concerns about bird trapping and tourism similar to the views that I had expressed a couple weeks ago. And indeed, people that are both knowledgeable about birds and aware of Cyprus’ history on wildlife conservation know that Cyprus is not a good place to go for nature lovers. Hopefully, it will become one.

On the 15th of September BirdLife Cyprus had the opportunity to meet with the Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO) to discuss a variety of issues regarding the promotion of Cyprus birds and natural environment as a tourist destination through BirdLife Cyprus and also policies that have impact on Cyprus’ biodiversity. We discussed the issue of bird trapping and BirdLife Cyprus expressed its concern about the negative image trapping is giving to Cyprus abroad and what impact this might have on tourism. In that regard BirdLife Cyprus asked for COT to use its influence to bring an end to bird trapping in Cyprus. Another issue discussed was the large scale development of golf courses (especially those which are planned to be in Natura 2000 sites) and we explained the implications that could arise from such large scale development in environmentally sensitive areas. We also discussed the possibility of cooperation between CTO and BirdLife Cyprus to create a publication that would promote our natural environment. Finally, we discussed the possible joint promotion of Cyprus as a destination in specialist fairs like the British Birdwatching Fair.


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