Posted by: Dan | August 9, 2010

Walking Dead – Ravens in Cyprus

Raven, Κλόκκαρος, Corvus corax (Credit: Joe Blossom/SAL /

There is succinct species description and status from the Summer 2010 edition of BirdLife Cyprus Magazine that I wish more people could see:

The Raven is a common species in Europe and once very common in Cyprus but today its population numbers only around 4 pairs. This decline was caused mainly by the use of poisoned baits aiming to eliminate foxes and feral dogs.

The Raven is all black with a metallic sheen and is the largest member of the crow family with a wingspan of 130cm. It pairs for life and feeds on dead animals.

Conservation work, regulatory measures and public awareness are needed if we want this bird to survive on [Cyprus].

As with Griffon Vultures in Cyprus, the poisons used in (failed) attempts to eliminate nuisance animals have had toxic consequences. Although it may be on a smaller scale, this is exactly the sort of ecological devastation that Rachel Carson wrote about 50 years ago in Silent Spring.

For more:
Corvus corax on the Encyclopedia of Life.



  1. it is so sad to hear these precious species are no more for our future generations atleast we have to take some measures to save these rare ones.

  2. Well, It is so hard to imagine that we do not learn anything from our past mistakes. This will happen somewhere else you know that, don’t you! Sometime, I’m wondering in what kind of world we live…


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