Posted by: Dan | June 30, 2010

European Roller (Χαλκοκουρούνα)

From a couple of weekends ago at Kivisili in Cyprus. Taken by my father, Larry.

European Roller, Χαλκοκουρούνα, Coracias garrulus

See the entire post for a nice photo sequence of the bird.

European Roller

European Roller

European Roller

European Roller

Beautiful, isn’t it?

Sadly though, European Rollers have in recent years undergone moderately rapid declines across its global range and it is consequently considered Near Threatened. Scientists fear that their dwindling numbers may be a warning of widespread environmental damage. Climate change, drought and desertification in Africa, and massive pesticide use on African farmland may all be to blame for the declines. For some reason though, the population appears stable here in Cyprus at least.


  1. Beautiful, yes :-)

    Every time I see one it’s always a surprise: they look like they’ve been dipped in turquoise paint.

    Nice photos,

  2. Beautiful sequence Dan of a beautiful birds. Strange that it is declining in Africa, cause I think that it is doing quite well in the South of France!

  3. Thanks Mands and Chris!

    From what I’ve heard and read, they’re doing badly primarily in the northern parts of their range in Europe. So glad to hear that they’re doing well in southern France too!

    A couple weeks ago a BirdLife Int’l representative was here to visit BirdLife Cyprus, and was very excited (I’m told) to hear that Rollers are doing well in these areas. So I have the impression that a lot of international conservationists have their eyes on this species (Hence my mention of their status here and in general).


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