Posted by: Dan | June 14, 2010

Critical Conservation Sites Network Tool

BirdBlogger just tweeted me towards an excellent conservation tool that is worth sharing (and permanently linking to). It’s the Critical Site Network Tool:

Critical Sites Network tool (Click on for large version)

The CSN tool has been…

…jointly developed by Wetlands International, BirdLife International, and the UNEP World Conservation Monitoring Center to deliver and map information on migratory waterbirds in the framework of the Wings Over Wetlands (WOW) Project. The tool combines and integrates information on BirdLife International’s Waterbird Census sites, Ramsar sites and other protected areas and includes data for all waterbird species in the Africa-Europe-WesternAsian region. You can search by species or site and customise your query by using the filter tool.

For more, check out the news release From Wetlands International.


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