Posted by: Dan | May 6, 2010

Ambelopoulia in Turkish-Occupied Cyprus

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Is there any monitoring in the Turkish-occupied areas of northern Cyprus?

With all the talk over ambelopoulia in the Greek side of Cyprus, we might forget that there is bird poaching in the north or Turkish-occupied side of Cyprus too. Sadly and to the best of my knowledge, there is no law prohibiting the indiscriminant trapping of birds there, nor prohibiting their exploitation. But the trapping there is rarely discussed, just because we do not have much information about its prevalence there. Information needs to be gathered, much as BirdLife Cyprus has been doing since 2002 here in the Greek side.

So it is encouraging that last year, BirdLife Cyprus wrote:

Monitoring North of the Island’s Dividing Line:

BirdLife Cyprus worked with the Turkish Cypriot Bird Protection Society KUSKOR to start a first, pilot monitoring programme in the Karpaz peninsula in September 2009. Following a similar protocol to that adopted by BirdLife Cyprus, a two-man KUSKOR team – trained by BirdLife Cyprus – searched 40 randomly selected 1km squares on the remote peninsula. First results suggested very low levels of limestick and mist net use in the area compared to the main trapping areas South of the dividing line. Only 10 limesticks were found within the 40 survey squares (another 130 beyond the squares) and just 45 metres of active net rides (a further 75 beyond the squares).

This is preliminary, and monitoring should continue. Support for this monitoring is being organized by the fledgling organization KUSKOR.



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