Posted by: Dan | April 6, 2010

Spring Migration in Cyprus

While I’m on hiatus from birding to help my wife look after our now 2-week-old daughter, go check out Spyros’ blog post at Birdwatching in Greece: Spring bird trip to Cyprus: where anything may stop by!.

From reports, this has been an amazing Spring for birders here in Cyprus… Saker Falcon, Cream-colored Coursers, Dotterels, Caspian Plovers, White-breasted Kingfisher, Desert Wheatears, Cinereus Bunting, Caspian Stonechats, Eastern Redstart, Isabelline Shrike, poss. Brown Shrike, and Trumpeter Finch have been reported.

Cream-colored Courser (©Spyros Skareas)



  1. HI Dan,
    Thanks for passing by on my blog and leaving a comment. I’m happy to discover yours and this magnificent bird pictures…
    Congrats for your little baby and enjoy it, this is the most precious thing ever!!
    I saw on your profile that you were in science… Can I ask what you are doing?

  2. Hi Chris,
    I’m glad the feeling is mutual for having made acquaintances. And yes, fatherhood is a real joy of joys!

    I was trained to use molecular biology to study cellular biochemistry, with an eye to understanding the common behaviors of metastatic cancer cells, neutriphils, and germ layers in early embryonic development. Research funding dwindled however, and I now find myself as an applications support specialist for biomedical equipment and reagents.


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