Posted by: Dan | March 4, 2010

Malta’s War on Birds

“… you will see hunters literally every ten meters.”

After watching this video, I think it’s fair to say that Maltese “hunters” don’t go hunting and this isn’t a sport. They’re making a war on birds, complete with a skirmish line, and few if any birds get out alive. Shooting at protected species, completely disregarding the law.


  1. I have no words.
    How can they call this large-scale destruction of bird biodiversity “sport”?

    * “This is about reclaiming our countryside” *

  2. And have you read some of the comments on most of the bird-related Times of Malta news stories? Horrid people.

  3. Cyprus, Malta…poor things…it’s like an Odyssey from Hell, with new traps and threats every step of the way.
    If only they knew what they were up against, I’m sure they’d rather brave the cold winter rather than head into the Mediterranean Zone of Treacherous Death.

    Maybe E.O Wilson should have observed Mediterranean people before writing Biophilia…


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