Posted by: Dan | November 30, 2009

The Birds of Cyprus

In a simply titled book, the Bank of Cyprus Cultural Foundation has just released a new book — by Jane Stylianou: The Birds of Cyprus (English/Ελληνικά).

The Birds of Cyprus, by Jane Stylianou

Migration and Cyprus

In keeping with Jane’s (now former – she recently retired) position as development officer for BirdLife Cyprus, where she did a lot of outreach education and communication work with the Cypriot community, this book looks to be directed towards a novice when it comes to birds in Cyprus. And for that purpose it is an outstanding book, introducing important and basic concepts about birds: what they are, why they are important, and a general overview of breeding, habitats, flight, migration. It contains excellent descriptions and photographs of endangered and endemic birds, as well as the same for common resident, breeding, and migratory birds.

It may be just because I’ve titled my blog Migrations, but I found the section on Migration and Cyprus to suit me particularly well. Note that the text is rather minimal and to the point. For the intended purpose – educating the public – I think it’s a good choice. (In fact, I hear that copies are being donated to Greek Cypriot elementary schools.)

Little Egret

Perhaps the description of migratory flyways could have been emphasized more extensively, but that it’s introduced as a concept to the public is of vital importance. Everything about bird conservation in Cyprus revolves around it’s role as a stop-over for passage Afro-Palearctic passage migrants, a fact that is underscored by observations that two-thirds of the species on the Cyprus list are migrants, and the relatively (very) low abundance of breeding and winter visitor species.

So… congrats Jane on putting together an excellent book!

The Birds of Cyprus
Author: Jane Stylianou
Supervision: Lefki Michaelidou
Design: Akis Ioannides
Printing/binding: Nicolaou printers
2009 / 18×27 / 131 pp
ISBN:978 9963 428731
List Price: 20.00€



  1. where can i buy this book

  2. It’s not available on Amazon yet – I don’t know quickly the Cyprus Cultural Foundation gets their books on Amazon. But it should be hitting the bookstores in Cyprus soon if it hasn’t already, and you can order direct from the Cyprus Cultural Foundation (links above).


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