Posted by: Dan | November 9, 2009

God Creates New Bird

This is from last month in The Onion, and I would have let it go as an amusing bit of satire, but I just can’t resist seeing as how I have a well-meaning but confused creationist trying to defend the idea that an organism could be created, designed, or whatever. Or maybe he’s a concern troll who accepts common descent. Hard to tell.


An early blueprint for the design of the heaven-sent creature.

God Introduces New Bird — “Our Heavenly Father has really outdone Himself this time,” ornithologist Dr. Avram Wasserbaum agreed. “Birds don’t tend to be His strong suit—take the buzzard or the dodo, for instance. This latest bird, though, has all of God’s patented design touches: splendor, grace, and an ineffable sense of timelessness. Trust me, once folks get a load of the brilliant plumage, this thing is really going to put God back on top.”

Try not to laugh: Some people really do think that this sort of thing has happened, more or less. This isn’t satire to them, it’s science.


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