Posted by: Dan | July 28, 2009

Reporting a Poaching Incident

This is part of the series of posts Poaching in Cyprus FAQ

What should you do if you discover a poaching incident?

Poaching with guns, limesticks and mist nets remains a problem in Cyprus. If you witness any illegal shooting or use of nets, glue sticks or other trapping devices, make sure you report these to the Game Fund or SBA Police, depending where you are, and to BirdLife Cyprus.

Do not confront poachers and do not remove limesticks or nets, as this may put you at risk and compromise any legal proceedings against poachers. Make careful notes of where the incident took place and call the authorities and/or BirdLife Cyprus.

Game Fund
Nicosia: 22867786
Limassol: 99628338
Larnaka/Famagusta: 99445808
Paphos: 99445291

Sovereign British Area Police Hotline

Birdlife Cyprus


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