Posted by: Dan | May 25, 2009

Revolting Comment of the Day

On a lark, I asked in a Cyprus discussion forum today about their thoughts on the Cypriot ambelopoulia ‘delicacy,’ and got this revolting response in return:

Two questions though – How would you know that the wild ones are better? (Why have souvlaki if wild is better, why not have mouflon for dinner?) And, what good are they wild if you poach them until you’ve killed all the birds in a given area?

Okay, that’s three questions.

Wild ones got to be better Caged ones dont get enough of excersise and are too fatty.

Well when they all finished in one area just move onto another area theres plenty – all this palaver about not enough to go round its just propaganda by conservationists innit

Mans gotta be fed eh

You one of them vegantarianistisms ??

It comes across as a kind of caveman-like thoughtlessness.



  1. The evolution of housecats

    An archaeological site on Cyprus gets a mention on page 2.


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