Posted by: Dan | March 2, 2009

Checklist for Birds of Cyprus

cy-logoIn my free time about a week ago, I put together a handy brochure-type checklist for birdwatching in Cyprus [.doc], especially for those people who keep lists (e.g. life lists, year lists, records of individual field trips, etc.). I used it this past weekend, and intend to share it with others in BirdLife Cyprus.

I compiled the list from a more bulky information packet (Table of monthly sightings and yearly occurrences) sent out recently to BirdLife Cyprus members, and included all of the regular/non-accidental bird species grouped loosely by family. I also added in the accidentals that had been confirmed in Cyprus at least once in the last ten years at the end of the list. It’s formated for A4 paper, and the margins/columns work out that you should just have to fold along the column dividers to get a nice brochure look.

For me, I’m not sure where my life-list stands right now. But my year-list is at 96 species to date, before any of the spring migrants start passing through.

And among accidentals (<10 confirmed sighting per decade in Cyprus) that I went twitching for, I’ve seen Asian Desert Warbler and Black-legged Kittiwake this year, and Levant Sparrowhawk last year.



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