Posted by: Dan | February 17, 2009

Nature Photos in Cyprus

JourneyI’m not involved with the group Friends of the Earth Cyprus, despite several common interests*. So I only just noticed that they did have a very nice photo exhibition and contest at the Art and Literature House in Limassol. The exhibition had a total of 172 photos from 34 photographers from all over Cyprus.

The included photo, “Mediterranean Journey” by Christofidis Christos, won first prize, but the rest of the pictures are equally outstanding. Check ’em out.

* = Their stance against GM crops seems to me a bit misguided (maybe I should post on this sometime). And they don’t go birdwatching.



  1. I’d like to read what you have to say about GM crops. My own opinion is that there is a great deal of leftist reflexive rejectionism to it. It’s hard to admit, I know, but the left are not always that well acquainted with the process of research.

  2. I’ll have to get to work on that. It’ll probably wait until I read Pamela Ronald’s book, which is waiting on the coffee table.

    But briefly, I’m really disappointed by the whines that GM crops exploit farmers in developing countries and such. It completely misses the point that without patents on such things, there’d be no profit to develop such things. Could you imagine Big Pharma developing new cancer-fighting drugs if there were no patents?

    I’m also slightly disappointed by their fear-mongering over ecological impacts of new crops. As though the developers don’t consider this, or that artificially-selected domesticated plants and animals have ever been able to be reintroduced to the wild.

  3. Oh, I almost forgot… I also have five posts on the topic up at Bitesize Bio:

    What’s with Europe’s opposition to GMOs

    In which I agree with the corporations

    Good GM foods – Bt corn as an example

    A not so good GM crop – Pharma corn

    Debunking the ‘GE crops are bad’ myth


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