Posted by: Dan | February 11, 2009

Birds Feeling the Effects of Climate Change

Via Round Robin, the Cornell Blog of Ornithology: 40-Year Study Shows Birds Feeling Climate Change Effects:

Perhaps you’ve already heard news of a National Audubon Society report about climate change’s effects on North American birds. Audubon announced on Tuesday that some 177 species of North American birds have shifted their range northward over the last 40 years, during the same period that average January temperatures rose by 5 degrees Fahrenheit across the continent.


  1. I hadn’t realized the impact that climate change is having on bird migrations. There has got to be something that we all can do to stop global warming from progressing. I have just finished reading a very educational book on climate change titled, “Agenda for a Sustainable America,” written by 41 experts including editor John Dernbach. This book should be used in high school, college, and graduate school classrooms all over the country!

  2. Becky,
    Glad I was able to share something new with you. Thanks for mentioning the book too, that looks like a good one that I hadn’t heard of. Thanks!

  3. Your welcome. I hope you enjoy it.


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