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Spring Alive with Jane Stylianou

Jane Stylianou is running the Spring Alive program again this year, with information here. She’s also sent out an invitation to the general public to participate, copied below the fold:

The start of February saw the launch of the annual ‘Spring Alive’
event by the partners of BirdLife International in Europe.

As a contributor to the 2008 Spring Alive project, I am sure that you
are already keeping your eyes open for the swallows, swifts, cuckoos
and storks as Spring 2009 is upon us.

Once again BirdLife Cyprus will be co-ordinating Cyprus’ participation
and invites you to get involved in this simple, fun survey again.
Spring Alive asks you to marvel at the return of some of the most
fascinating migratory birds to Europe and to enter your first
sightings of Swallows, Swifts, Storks and Cuckoos onto the special
Spring Alive website.

Spring Alive needs all of us to contribute our observations and thus
take part in a Europe-wide scientific survey. Scientists will hope to
use the information to see whether the birds are arriving earlier than
normal – possibly due to global warming. Last year Spring Alive
collected over 50,000 observations Europe-wide and the European
co-ordinators were able to see that spring was slightly later in 2008
than in 2007, reversing the trend of the previous to years. More data
is needed this year to make sure that the results are reliable and
more scientific.

As you will remember taking part is really easy. You don’t have to be
an expert on birds. The Spring Alive website has
information on the birds that are included in the project. It can help
you identify them if you are not sure. Then, the first time you see
one in your area over the next few weeks log into the site and follow
the instructions to make your own personal contribution to the survey.
You can check out the results from Cyprus and other countries.
Animated maps show the progress of spring through out Europe. The
website will be updated regularly to show the progress of the birds on
their journey.

Here in Cyprus the Swallow and Swift are well known Spring visitors.
Usually the first ones arrive early in February. Many pass through on
their way to other European countries where they will spend their
summer, while others will stay in Cyprus to breed and brighten our
summer skies. Only a few sightings are made each year of the cuckoo
and stork in Cyprus although they are common visitors to other parts
of Europe.

Do please tell your friends so that they can get involved.Those who
are without access to the internet can still take part. Sightings can
be posted into BirdLife Cyprus for my attention at P O Box 28076,
2090 Nicosia. You can even telephone and give details on 99059541 if
you prefer.

Remember it does not matter if you are not the first to register a
sighting for your area. Spring Alive is not a race! It needs
everyone’s first sightings to show the build up to and arrival of

For further details please contact me on 22455072 or 99059541 or The Spring Alive website is at

I look forward to seeing your observations again this year.

Jane Stylianou
Spring Alive Coordinator
BirdLife Cyprus


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