Posted by: Dan | January 10, 2009

Art for Science

What is a Flying Trilobite? Art, apparently. I had come across Glendon Mellow’s artwork a number of months back, and his artwork is very unique. With a bit of whimsy and a bit of science, the byline appears appropriate: “Art in awe of science.”

Paleontology appears to get the majority of the attention at the Flying Trilobite – so, is there a good picture of Archaeopteryx, if not some other representation of life in migration?


  1. Hmmm….


  2. I could use a custom banner and/or avatar… think that you might be able to hook me up with some savvy artwork?

  3. I could, I’ll have some time for a new contract later this month. Contact me by email, and we could discuss it!

    Colour me flattered.

  4. :-)

    Cool. We’ll talk.


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