Posted by: Dan | December 4, 2008

Poacher Caught in the Act

I hadn’t seen this in the news anywhere, but heard about this through the monthly newsletter from Birdlife Cyprus. In the newsletter, Colin Richardson writes:

A poacher was arrested, his 22 limesticks and 20 dead birds confiscated after being caught in the act, at the scene of the crime at the Paphos Sewage Plant fields on Tuesday 18th November. After a tip off by a BirdLife Cyprus member, who found the set limesticks on a series of old citrus trees – and a man acting suspiciously nearby – two agents from the Game Fund Service in Paphos raced to the scene. They waited in cover, and then arrested the poacher when he arrived to check the limesticks, and took him to the police station with the evidence. This is a story with a satisfactory result and shows that when information is received by the authorities about illegal trapping, something will be done.

The limesticks are visible on the top of all the citrus bushes, but thankfully appear to have no birds trapped on them.



  1. I don’t understand why people have to poach? There are plenty of legal ways to hunt.
    This just gives bad feeling about hunters that follow the laws.


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