Posted by: Dan | October 27, 2008

Cypriot Mass Bird Poisoning

Cypriot mass bird poisoning blamed on poachers. I hadn’t seen this, but Grrlscientist delivered:

“Morons of the Year” Award: The 2008 Morons of the Year Prize has been awarded to Cypriot poachers who, in their infinite stupidity, decided to take revenge upon the government of Cyprus for arresting bird poachers by .. what else? .. poisoning hundreds of birds. As if that act wasn’t cruel enough, the knee-jerk poachers, who have never been known for their thinking abilities, killed hundreds captive chukar partridges that, ironically, were bred so these gun-toting idiots could shoot them during Cyprus’s so-called hunting season that opens next week.

Words cannot describe my reaction to such stupidity.



  1. Hello, found your site through a link.

    I was reading this entry my initial reaction was: “Ok. Like that helped.”

    I guess you said it best: words cannot describe my reaction to such stupidity.


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