Posted by: Dan | October 4, 2008

A Week of Birds

Bee-Eaters trapped with lime sticks in Cyprus

Bee-Eaters trapped with lime sticks in Cyprus

Bee-Eaters trapped with lime sticks in Cyprus [Photo credit: Cyprus Weekly]

Bases clampdown saves migratory birds but slaughter still continues – Cyprus Weekly
Six hunters arrested after information from birdwatchers – Times of Malta
CABS records the shooting of a black stork on video – The Malta Independent
Stepping out in the line of fire – Times of Malta
Malta: British birdwatchers risk hunters to stop avian slaughter – Telegraph
Research: migratory birds provide pest control, increase profit, in Jamaican coffee farms – Coffee and Conservation
Malta: Massive Shooting Down of Birds of Prey and Storks – PR Newswire
The importance of birds to the environment – The Morung Express
Animal migrations and climate change – CO2 Science
Illegal Maltese bird hunting getting worse – Wildlife Extra
Peak of birds’ migration over Bulgaria’s Black Sea coast attracts bird watchers – Balkan Travellers
Malta: Illegal slaughter of birds of prey continues defying EU laws – Telegraph
It’s time to get tough with illegal Maltese bird hunters – Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
Birds of prey slaughter provokes ugly standoff in Malta – The Guardian
Malta ‘bird slaughter’ condemned – BBC News
A Bermudian risks his life to protect migrating birds in Malta from ruthless hunters – The Bermuda Sun
20 waterbirds added to threatened list –



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