Posted by: Dan | August 10, 2008

Darwin’s Genius

Amidst life’s ever-changing trajectories, Charles Darwin always has the recognition as the most pivotal genius of biology. Science didn’t stop with Darwin, but many ideas that he pioneered have stood the test of time. His contributions relating to Natural Selection, population-based thinking, sexual selection, biogeography, etc., have changed how we view the world more than anything previously in history.

With that said, Richard Dawkins has a new series available: The Genius of Charles Darwin. It’s available on the internet, and I’ve embedded the first 48-minute episode below the fold. Enjoy.



  1. What is wrong with you people? Darwin was a racist monster who’s writings were single handedly responsible for the holocaust (you’re not a holocaust denyer too are you?).
    Atheism is the religion of the deranged and evolution is their creation story.

  2. Internet Pastor,
    Christians don’t need Darwin as an excuse for anti-Semitic hate, which they excelled at from the 3rd to 20th centuries.

    So please, stop lying for Jesus.


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