Posted by: Dan | July 27, 2008

Cyprus Pied Wheatear

Cyprus Pied Wheatear, Oenanthe cypriaca, from home in Engomi, Cyprus. This species is an Old World flycatcher, and one of two bird species endemic to Cyprus. It was formerly treated as a subspecies of Pied Wheatear but given full species status, on the basis of differences in biometrics and especially song, and the lack of sexual plumage dimorphism in cypriaca.

Images: Larry Rhoads (June 15, 2008)

Addition: Taken mid-August, Cyprus Pied Wheatear around here have already changed to its Autumn plumage. Not as sharp a picture, but you can probably still notice the general features of the bird and the differences with its plumage only a couple months prior.



  1. I am not very familiar with birds, but is it possible that it occures in Africa(Namibia), too? They are so cute, I can send you another great picture taken at a safari.


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