Posted by: Dan | March 21, 2008

More links while life keeps me occuppied

I’m still adjusting to Cyprus, and it’s tough. Greek lessons, job searches, establishing a new home, trying to lose a few pounds – not easy. The toughest part is of course giving up my support base back home, including my family and long-time friends, and having to rely on my wife’s family who I’m only just really getting to know. Brutal.

So blogging here has taken a back seat. I’ve still been blogging at Bitesize Bio however, on molecular biology and related topics, and I’ve been trying to participate in discussions on other blogs, such as:

R-E-S-P-E-C-T, religion and reflection – Razib has some interesting comments on how to view religionists, given that religion is a natural phenomenon. Specific criticism is given to the “New Atheist polemicists,” and I step in to remind Razib that those polemicists do have a point.

The Discovery Institute is beating up Larry Moran – While the post could have been better titled “might better be phrased as “Disco Dancers nip at Larry Moran’s ankles,” I was mostly interested by the fact that Greg refused to link to the Dishonesty Institute. Kudos to Greg.

And Chris Mooney writes that sometimes refuting unscientific nonsense reinforces it – suggesting that people who take on pseudoscience propaganda would do better to ignore such material and remain in their ivory tower. You heard that right, the ol’ “Ignore them and they’ll go away” trick.

Chris Mooney lost a lot of fans with that last bit, including Brian Switek, SA Smith, PZ Myers, and myself.

The delusions of John Gray – A recent article in the Guardian by John Gray revisit the claim that scientific atheism is an ersatz religion, and PZ has his response: “They want more people to think rationally — why, that’s evangelism!” This smells to me of apologist excrement along the lines of Paul Davies’ NY Times article of last Autumn.

New bird species and new population of Blue Whale discovered.

Faith and irrationality – Mike shares a story of fear and self-loathing at Mercy Ministries, where faith becomes mental abuse.

And lastly, Save birds, play with your cat!


  1. Thanks for the links, Dan!

    It’s always good to hear from you, even if you are expressing your loneliness. There are also times that I envy you your youth. While I am happy that I moved back to Minnesota several years ago, there are times that I feel stuck. I’ve dug myself in a deep financial hole, and I can’t see even being able to spare a bit to travel overnight where I would need to pay for a hotel. So, I visit family where I can stay for free. When I read people writing about their travels, and their attendance at events such as the ScienceBlogging Conference, I am envious while at the same time happy for them.

    So, if I may live a bit vicariously through your move to Cypress, I understand what you are going through.

    Just remember that the world is no longer round, let alone flat, thanks to the internet.

  2. (I meant Cyprus. I don’t want anyone to think you are in a treehouse.)

  3. Thanks Mike – that sounds like an apt description of the transition that I’m trying to complete. It is great, and I have little doubt that I will in the end come away glad to have moved here – and as my wife reminds me, “Patience, it will work itself out.”

    The Minnesota Atheists’ podcast has been great too. Thanks for the recommendation on that!

  4. A must read: PZ Myers expelled from a viewing of Expelled! But his companions, including Richard Dawkins, were allowed to attend.

  5. I was debating whether to include that link in the post. It is a particularly good post of PZ’s, but it’s par for the course for the creationists, and reflective of religious apologists in general.

    Now if creationists were actually intelligent and honest, that would be a news story!

  6. Yikes, Chris Mooney has lost his mind, and is becoming more of a hindrance to promoting science education in America. I think it’s time he went the way of Matt Nisbet (unsubscribed from my feedreader).

  7. Sheril joined in yesterday, completing the Matt-Chris-Sheril trifecta of “framers” so obsessed with the PR that they forgot the argument.

    Well, I’ll join in with a “Fuck you very much” to the three of them as well.

  8. Abel Pharmboy attempts to rehabilitate Chris Mooney


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