Posted by: Dan | March 10, 2008

Relevant Discussions Around the Blogs

… Relevant to some of the themes of this blog, that is.

The shape of human variation – A while back, I had a person foolishly claiming that human races are merely a social construct, and thus don’t really exist. The reality is that the human species is an animal species, subject to the same rules of variation and geographical distribution as the rest.

Beck’s Petrel flies back from presumed extinction – Re-discovery stories are great, aren’t they?

Golfer kills migratory raptor – “Pro Golfer was trying to film an instructional video. Migratory raptor made the mistake of nesting on the course, and trying to defend her nest. So, he shot at it with a golf ball. Over. 10. Times.” Check here for a more comprehensive story.

Teachers under fire – In many parts of the US, the conflict between religious fanaticism is disturbing. This one is to be read along with this cartoon.


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