Posted by: Dan | January 22, 2008

Hate-Speech Troll

In case passersby of Migrations haven’t noticed, we’ve gone and gotten ourselves a hate-speech troll to comment on Captaindoctor’s post Conversations with students about racism. Here are some of the gems:

My “racism” is only about love; love for my own kind FIRST. Listen pal, you seem to ignore the fact that Western Man is the minority in the world. Blacks or Mestizo’s have NO complaint when the birthrate is skyrocketing in their Third World populations thanks to Whitey’s medical advancements. I don’t look forward to my children waking up in an America (world) that hates them thanks to politically correct bigots who want to blame everything on my kind because of OUR skin color!

Back to “racism”. I can solve the racism problem in America. Total, geographical separation by race. That is the only solution. Fortunately nature, man’s nature, is already doing that. Most folks like to be with their racial kin be they black, white, or brown.

In America WHITE NEIGHBORHOODS are the safest, cleanest, and most attractive for educational standards. Non-White areas are no-go zones for White people and bizarro world war zones for those who abide there.

If I were non-White living in America life is MUCH easier when it comes to corporate affirmative blaction/EOE hiring for postions that should go to the most qualified NOT the color of their skin. But we all know that most qualified usually means WHITE dude.

It’s genetic. No amount of headstart or no child left behind will bring the black up to a white mans intellectual standard norm.

In a REAL FREE AMERICA i could discriminate and not hire, say blacks or MEstizo’s, if I wished. But the snivel rights act took that away. Maybe next, they will take away freedom of association, and liberals will welcome this Orwellian/draconian nonsense because it makes them “feel good”. Women of both sexes they are….

It’s America and it’s a personal choice. This isn’t to say I have not had acquaintance with folks of other races. That is quite the contrary. I have worked next to many black and Mestizo people. I have found some of them very charming and likable. But I found many of them distastful too. When it comes down to it I prefer to live and associate with members of my tribe; the White race. Dont get me wrong. THe White race has its share of trash and stupid/evil people I would love to see cleansed from the gene pool.

What can possibly be said to such hate-speech?


  1. It’s a troll, but if someone said that to me in my presence I would demand to see proof that they have a working brain. Like with an EEG or something similar.

  2. Dan, you’re bold to bring this to the front page. I think the original discussion was doomed to fail for two reasons.

    Captaindoctor began with an assumption that we believe our lives are enriched by learning about people different from ourselves. Anaplat does accept that assumption.

    So, from the beginning Captaindoctor was working outside of Anaplat’s “zone of optimal learning.” And, if I may say so, Anaplat was also working outside of Captaindoctor’s zone (not to mention with a lot of erroneous information and extraordinarily weak logic.)

    Perhaps by limiting our discussion of diversity to racial issues we will always miss the point. I think we’re really talking about cultural issues, not skin color.

    My lily-white, red-haired daughter lives in an Hispanic neighborhood. Her neighbors don’t know she speaks Spanish so men sometimes make rude comments about her within earshot. More often than not the comments are about her hair, not her skin. In fact, white men make similar comments in english.

    She’s incensed that redheads are perceived as sluts or dorks. She’s too pretty to be a dork, so she must be a slut. I used to dismiss her sensitivity ’til she started pointing out roles for redheads in movies and books. And, you know, she’s got a point.

    So, there are two diversity perspectives. One may be to avoid generalization or stereotyping. If you’re looking for people like you, be sure you’re using meaningful criteria.

    And the other, more advanced concept may be that once you’ve got the criteria sorted out, it’s easy to find value in people different from yourself.

    The remaining question, for me, is this. Do I dismiss people as different from me in education and clarity of thinking as Anaplat? Do I search for the logic or facts that might influence him? Or spend my energy helping people who already agree with me fine tune their behavior?

  3. Mary Ann,
    Captaindoctor, as well as anyone, has no choice but to begin any conversation with a set of premises. The same is true for any individual who chooses to join the conversation, and sometimes the conflict of their presuppositions is so great as to make any meaningful conversation unworkable and futile. In Anaplat’s case, that presupposition is that any individual of a separate ethnicity is automatically inferior. How can anyone have a conversation with such an individual on the original topic, which was how to promote ethnic diversity in the classroom (and assumed that separate ethnicities were different but equal)?

    To your questions:

    Do I dismiss people as different from me in education and clarity of thinking as Anaplat?

    Are you really suggesting that you would seriously entertain Anaplat’s premise (as opposed to dismissing it) – that non-whites are vastly inferior? Yes, based on my experience with non-whites, I feel confident in dismissing him, and concluding the opposite, that non-whites are equals.

    Do I search for the logic or facts that might influence him?

    What new logic or facts might he be willing to consider, where attempts thus-far have failed? Anaplat has thoroughly made up his mind, closed it, and constructed an entire logic system which he buys into whole-heartedly, based on little experience (his admitted lack of contact with non-whites). Instead of thoughtful response, he has replied with sneers.

    Or spend my energy helping people who already agree with me fine tune their behavior?

    Rather than “preaching to the choir,” or facing off with Anaplat, what about a third option – spending our time (i) discussing how to approach prejudiced individuals who are more open-minded, and (ii) approaching said individuals.

    There’s wasting one’s time with like-minded individuals, and then there’s wasting one’s time with closed-minded individuals.

    But, if you want to take a stab at reasoning with Anaplat, be my guest…. that’s actually why I brought it to a new post: to encourage others to address him where CaptainDoctor, John Bryden, and myself have grown frustrated.

  4. Racism is a destructive force. It produces nothing but conflict, misery and the appalling distress of its victims. I’m sufficiently certain of this that I think its a bad idea to facilitate the public expression of (extreme) racist views. The promotion of racism is unacceptable behaviour, and just as one would not put a known thief in charge of the till, an avowed racist should not be given a platform. Perhaps I would be willing to engage in private correspondence with a person of racist views in the hope of gradually influencing them, but I’d have to wonder if the time could be better spent otherwise.

    There is a wide range of discussion that can take place that is not “preaching to the choir”. On any given question there is usually a big variety of opinions within a moderate spectrum. The clash of opinions within a framework of rationality and respect works well. But once things degenerate into insults and diatribes, its time to bail out.

  5. Blacks or Mestizo’s have NO complaint when the birthrate is skyrocketing in their Third World populations thanks to Whitey’s medical advancements.

    You mean like Dr. Charles R. Drew, who did the research which made blood transfusions practical? I guess not, because he was an American.

  6. Oh this is priceless…

    Via email (okay, I hate completely ignoring any individual), Anaplat said this:

    I am no White supremacist.

    Then, at a later point in the email, he says:

    Get ready… The sleeping White giant is awakening. Traitors will be dealt with severely.

    Need I say more?


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