Posted by: Dan | January 11, 2008


Living in a new country is requiring HUGE adjustments personally, as one might expect. To reflect those changes, and the move to the “Old World,” I’ve updated the WordPress theme and header accordingly. The header is a photo that I took on a visit here to Cyprus in January 2005, at an archaeological site. This site, a 2nd- or 3rd-Century bathhouse, was found to have had floors decorated with mosaic tiles as shown.

On birdwatching, I will be participating in the future with Cyprus Birdlife. In the meantime, I’ve been too busy to go to any very good areas to see birds, and my camera didn’t survive the trip. But I’ve had the pleasure of seeing a number of birds, and am beginning to familiarize myself with their song voices. Among them: Many that are European in origin but found in the States, including Starlings, Pigeons, House Sparrows, and Black-Billed Magpies. And some very similar to their North American counterparts, so much so that you can hear their similarities in their voices, including Great Tits (chickadees), Collared Doves (Mourning Doves), Eurasian Kestrels, Hooded Crows, and European Goldfinches. Then there are those that are more different, such as Robins, Stonechat, White Wagtails, Blackcap warblers, and Chaffinches.



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