Posted by: Dan | December 25, 2007

More on massacring birds in Cyprus

By way of GrrlScientist, I heard this latest statistic in the news:

Illegal trappers on Cyprus killed more than half a million protected birds this fall for sale at local restaurants, conservationists said. It was the worst massacre in four years and came despite a European Union ban on the decades-old tradition, said BirdLife Cyprus Executive Director Martin Hellicar. “Illegal bird trapping in Cyprus is an indiscriminate practice that threatens many protected bird species,” Hellicar said. “The picture emerging from 2007 is grim.”

That’s just sick. While wild bird populations plummet over the past few decades, people who I’ll be calling neighbors (in 5 days) will be gleefully contributing to it.

Sickening, I tell you.



  1. What a sad news! Those illegal hunters should be put into jail for crime committed!

  2. it is about time something was done regarding all this unnessasary slaugter, i came to cyprus in 2007 this being my first time abroud, we stayed near ayia napia, and i found a corncrake freashly killed this totally spoilt my first time away from england


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