Posted by: Dan | December 23, 2007

Horrible treatment of birds in Cyprus

falconsTwo men charged with Cyprus falcon massacre:

Two men have been charged in connection with the October 5 massacre of 52 Red-footed Falcons Falco vespertinus in the Phasouri area of Cypus, within the Akrotiri British Sovereign Base Area (SBA). The accused, from the Limassol area, pleaded not guilty to the charges, which carry a penalty of up to three years imprisonment or a fine of £10,000 (€17,000), or both. The court set the first hearing for the trial for January 8. The shocking massacre of the migrating falcons – the worst incident of bird of prey killing ever reported in Cyprus – made headlines across Europe after BirdLife Cyprus released shocking pictures of the gunned down birds. The shot falcons – a species of global conservation concern – appear to have been hit for target practice. The two suspects, arrested on October 12th following a swift SBA Police investigation, appeared before an SBA court at Episkopi on Tuesday and were charged with deliberate killing of protected birds and unlawful possession of shotguns in a ‘no hunting’ area.

I’m psyched to be moving to Cyprus, as it is a beautiful country. But this just goes to show the evil side to this country, and it’s tradition rape of wild birds.

For another example, read about the lucrative slaughter of songbirds, and the ongoing illegal bird trapping.



  1. aww, i need to say this, to speak my mind, there is no right to harm God’s beautiful creatures anywhere! We need to help! Small or large, pretty or ugly, all animals are God’s creatures, unique in every way.

  2. […] this, but do you remember a few months ago, when two men here in Cyprus were tracked down after slaughtering 52 Red-footed Falcons (Falco vespertinus), for target practice? The incident occurred on British Sovereign Base Area […]

  3. Oh, sad to hear that! What a shame!

  4. Those MOTHER·”$%&/ deserve the death penalty what they did is not only a crime agaisnt Nature but against Human kind itself they are robbing future generations of people the beautiful experience of seeing these magnificent birds of prey live in their habitat. I am tired of looking behind windows in lifeless Museums the remants of what was once of birds of prey LETS FIGHT AGAINST ANIMAL CRUELTY AND DEFEND THESE LIVING SIMBOLS OF AERIAL POWER

  5. Dear Dan, I’m a native Cypriot and I 1000% agree that hsi was a crime and this heartless people should be punished with a severe panishment.
    But I can not deny that I’m personally hurted when you generalise by saying that “this just goes to show the evil side to this country”. It is not all the Cypriots “evil” (actually the big majority opposes to this kind of behaviour and this persentage clearly tends to increase).
    My self I want to punch these people beyond mersy.
    I’m not supporting any of this kind of behaviour (actually I never ate my self any birds-hunted or traped).
    The trapping of “ambelopoulia” was something that was happening here for many generations back. Our goverment enforced laws against such procedures and eventually sooner or later they will stop. Something like the fox hunting in England. You know! 500 hundred riders, one thousand horses against one fox!!!! How evil are (ALL) these English! (?)
    What about the bullfighting in Spain?
    I repeat. Personally I’m against all that.
    P.S: The reason I came up to this web-side is because I’m looking for somebody to help me to identify a small nestling that I found in my yard and it seems kind of flesh eating bird (as I can understad from the nails and the beak). I took it home bought a cage (to protect it from cats etc) and looking for assistance to take care of it until it grows up and let it go free.

  6. Hi Thimios,
    Sorry for the delay, I was en route to France for a business trip. I responded directly by email for your question about the nestling. I hope it helped.

    And thank you for the criticism. I think the best response I can give is to accept the criticism (because most Cypriots are actually very decent and generous people) even if it doesn’t change my mind very much (because the government and law enforcement still have a long way to go).


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