Posted by: Dan | December 11, 2007

Science Requires Curiosity, Not Faith

Chad Orzel: Particle Physics Requires Faith.

Really? My bad. I didn’t get the joke. I’m not sure whether that says something about a lack of sense of humor on my part, or difficulty in conveying humor in online print. Sorry.

Here I thought it just took curiosity. Okay, incredible patience and skeptical inquiry too. But faith? Do particle physicists know what the data will show, or do they ask and find out?



  1. It’s a joke. A play off the recent Paul Davies op-ed, and other discussions. I am not seriously suggesting that particle physics requires faith in the religious sense.

    I thought that was obvious enough from the post, but I really should’ve known better.

  2. I’ve corrected the post. Sorry about that Chad – sometimes satire and the real thing are tough to tell apart.


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