Posted by: Dan | December 11, 2007

Presidential Science Debate?

dr-president… maybe a science test would be more appropriate. The whole point is to show which candidates have a rudimentary level of understanding of science. I imagine that few of the contenders would pass such a test, which is pathetic.

Science impacts just about every aspect of governing, as does economics and law, however, and we do need a president capable of informed decisions. So I say, sure, let’s have a Presidential Science Debate on Science and Technology. Maybe we can better pinpoint who the flunkies in the race are.

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Let’s get the Presidential candidates to debate science topics

Addendum – I notice that around on some of the other blogs discussing the call for a science debate, there is mention that this would not be a science ‘test.’ And it shouldn’t be. I’m kinda baffled though how they think that it wouldn’t turn into one, unless it were just amongst the candidates for the Democratic party nomination. The Repubicans – well, a science debate there would be a farce.

But regardless of whether it’s feasible or not, a presidential science debate is a fantastic idea.



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  2. You can talk more about the debate in a meme.

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