Posted by: Dan | December 5, 2007

Across the Pond

My wife’s dissertation defense went marvelously well on Monday, which isn’t a surprise given how hard she’s worked and how meticulous she has been in her research over the past few years.

Now that she’s done, we’re moving! To Cyprus (the Greek/EU side), just in time for New Years there. We plan to live there for 2-3 years for starters, and I’m waiting to hear back on a list of fellowships, job applications, and other such job opportunities.



  1. Not a migration per se but a peregrination. Sounds fantastic. Good luck with the move!

  2. Nice word for it – peregrination! Think I’ll use that. ;-)

    I’ve already gotten 40 life birds in my one brief birdwatching tour of previous visits, and can’t wait to see and hopefully photograph more birds. I hope to keep it coming with the science, too.


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