Posted by: Dan | November 29, 2007

Sociobiology and Group Selection

Relating to my thoughts on religion and ethnocentrism: is religion adaptive? from back in August, John Wilkins has a five-part series of blog posts up, dealing with sociobiology and multi-level selection theories. The series was spurred on by a book paper coming out soon by David Sloan Wilson and Edward O. Wilson.

At the center of the discussion is the interplay between human psychology and culture, and what the roots and roles of unselfish behavior, social cohesion, selfish genes and pluralism are.

Wilkins’ posts:

  1. The two Wilsons on sociobiology
  2. Theoretical foundations
  3. Kin selection and pluralist explanations
  4. Individuals as groups, and a summary
  5. What is at issue


  1. Actually, it’s a paper coming out in the Quarterly Review of Biology.

  2. Thanks for the correction – I just saw the bit “forth-coming book” then the topic, and skimmed right past the rest of the intro. Sorry ’bout that.


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