Posted by: Dan | November 3, 2007

Evening Grosbeaks

Today I had a chance to go birdwatching, and took advantage of directions posted to the Cayuga Bird Club’s email listserv for a chance to see Evening Grosbeaks (Coccothraustes vespertinus). The directions took me to a private residence north of Summerhil State Forest near the northern edge of Fall Creek’s drainage, and the owners have several bird feeders visible from the road, and they are used to and tolerant of birders.

I was forewarned that Evening Grosbeaks come and go and may not be present the particular moment I was to stop by, and that they are shy and well camouflaged when in the canopy of the woods. Lucky me however, as one came down to visit the birdfeeders.

evening grosbeak

Most of the pictures from my basic digital camera came out fuzzy, but as you can see, it’s clearly a Grosbeak. There were a large number of Goldfinches around also.

evening grosbeak 2

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