Posted by: Dan | October 23, 2007


In this interview and his upcoming movie, Expelled, Ben Stein says that Freedom of Speech is being shut down, that he just wants to be allowed to talk, that creationists are being persecuted, etc.

What a contemptuous lie!

These cretins aren’t being censored, they’re not being persecuted, and there’s no inquisition going on here. The reality is that these fools aren’t collecting, modeling, or experimenting with any data. They have no understanding of data whatsoever. They do have a lot of rhetoric (i.e. bullshit) though.

They have their Freedom of Speech, their Freedom of Religion, and their Freedom to be Ignorant. What more do they want?

*sigh*… sorry to those intelligent people out there for the rant. Now go check out BiteSize Bio for some actual science!


  1. What an utter crock of shit. “Persecution?” Persecution is being loaded onto cattle cars or watching your mother sold away or having blankets infested with smallpox given to your people.

    Criticism is what happens in the adult world when you exchange ideas, especially if the ideas are idiotic.

    Why in the hell is Ben Stein famous anyway?

  2. Freedom of speech… Freedom of religion… Hmmm…

    I meant to thank you for your comment on my post on the Dryden Dems blog about the person who asked me at a public forum to confirm that I don’t believe in God – which he’d read on my personal blog. And asked how that would affect my decisions on the town board.

    Sadly, I’ve taken the post down at the request of my campaign committee. They work hard for me and I don’t want their job to be any harder. I’ll do the hard work.

    KAZ, who’s on the board of education, recently had a three hour executive session with the board over her blog posts. The board wants her to stop writing about board of education insisting that information about the board should only come from official board news releases. Never mind that the board meetings – except for executive sessions – are open to the public.

    It’s an uphill battle and I feel like Sisyphus. But I’ll keep on. There’s really no choice.

  3. Wow – I notice that KAZ has a post up on the John Bailey exchange also.

    It’s one thing to hear about religious wackos and delusional fools in other parts of the country, but it always saddens me when I hear about it in my own town (or in this case, the next town over). It saddens me because I generally assume that my neighbors are sensible, intelligent people, and it is a jolt to find out that they’re not. (I should add that I don’t have so negative a view of all Christians or Republicans – just most, it seems these days)

    For some reason, we really do have to fight to protect reason and common sense.

  4. This “censorship” charge by Creationists is fascinating to me. The religious right has itself adopted this cult of victimhood – they are always claiming that Christianity is under attack, that godless humanists are limiting their freedom, etc. This in a land where an atheist could not be elected dog catcher!

    What it actually means, is that the refusal of respected scientific authorities to grant legitimacy to Creationist gibberish sticks in their craw. They want to be unscientific and accepted by scientists! It’s kind of weird, isn’t it? Only when they are allowed to publish their drivel in Science or Nature will they feel uncensored. In the end, they reject science, but we knew that.


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