Posted by: Dan | October 16, 2007

Intellectual Bloggers

John the Evilutionary Biologist kindly tagged me with an Intellectual Blogger Award. He writes that my blog “is an interesting blend of the macro and the micro.”

And I do try to put a lot of thought into most of my posts, so I appreciate the recognition. Other blogs put the same effort in, and here are five under-appreciated blogs that come to mind:

The Birdchaser
Rob Fergus brings tales of birdwatching and conservation from near where I grew up in Eastern Pennsylvania. Always with a fun perspective, he stays in touch with the birds in ways that I wish I had the time for.

The Daily Transcript
Alex Palazzo is a Harvard postdoc of cell biology, bringing useful insights on published studies in the field and perspectives to working in the lab.

Matt Dowling studies insects in Oklahoma, supports science in general, and seems to find a ton of interesting items regarding science in the media.

Eye on DNA
Hsien-Hsien Lei is an epidemiologist, biotech consultant, and genetics information specialist focusing on how DNA can change our lives. Her activity in promoting science in the social media, with forays into podcasting among other things, is inspiring.

Sharp Brains
Alvaro Fernandez and team focus on science-based brain fitness – keeping your brain sharp, and its implications for health & wellness, education, leadership, and more. Their brain teasers will keep you entertained, and your brain sharp.



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