Posted by: Dan | October 12, 2007

Facts and Conclusions

Too funny, because it’s true. (A little something while I’m busy trying to keep up with deadlines and such things)


  1. A friend of mine says, when someone asks her about her religious affiliation, she says “Scientific Methodist.”

  2. I think u doesn’t really cover all religion or study them. You only cover the Christianity only which even on my point of view is kinda funny. Even in science a conclusion of an experiment is not definite or final and it may be challenged anytime. Yes in religion there the conclusion and we have to find the facts to stabilize our faith and let me tell you a lot of “path” given to us from the religion is beneficial greatly upon us. What kind of action that is morally greater by the atheist than the theist would you put foward that i could challenge you religiously and logically


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