Posted by: Dan | October 5, 2007

Local Politics: Dems Organize

In my opinion, politics works best at the local level. There are no special interests groups, no think tanks, and fewer talking points from either party. Just sincere, honest, and hard-working individuals who are working for next to nothing for their communities. This goes for Democratic candidates as much as for Republicans, but of course my personal views are decidedly on the liberal side of the spectrum.

Here in Tompkins County, one of the townships (Dryden) really has a strong grassroots core of such individuals, trying to represent Democrats of course, but representing the entire community first and foremost. A group of Dryden Dems are running together for this year’s off-year election to town supervisor (Mary Ann Sumner), town board (David Makar and Joseph Solomon), and town justice (Jason Leifer). More on the candidates here.

I really like that they have a dynamic and very active web presence through blogging, opening themselves up to comments of those interested, and addressing town concerns in near real time. I’ve also been aware of their blogs for quite a while now, and enjoy their sensible postings in following the municipality. I wish more towns had this transparent and active a group of sensible and concerned citizens.

Their key interests:

  • Mary Ann Sumner: conservation and preservation, open government, fiscal responsibility
  • David Makar: economic development; support for neighborhoods, recreation, and communities; climate change
  • Joseph Solomon: a highway and infrastructure management system, business development, environmental advocacy
  • Jason Leifer: protection of constitutional rights, judicial independence, youthful offender issues, social justice

Now, of course I actually live in Ithaca itself, so I can’t vote for them. But I am endorsing them – so if you’re a Dryden resident: get your a$$ out and vote!!!



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