Posted by: Dan | September 30, 2007

Animal Meme

Darn – I’ve been hit by a meme. Normally, I don’t care much for them, but who can turn down PZ? He’s hit me with an “animeme,” in which I have to answer five questions.

  1. An interesting animal I had
  2. An interesting animal I ate
  3. An interesting animal in the Museum
  4. An interesting thing I did with or to an animal
  5. An interesting animal in its natural habitat

Maybe because I just spent several days with family in Pennsylvania, but my first thoughts go to my favorite cat in the world, Nicky (short for Nickel, to go with the theme begun with naming the previous cat Penny), who is most definitely interesting. This entertaining cat first appeared in my parents’ garage 3 winters ago, barely 10 weeks old, and both freezing and starving to death. She was promptly adopted, of course.

Despite being spayed and de-clawed (front), and well fed with store-bought catfood, she has a penchant for hunting and capturing small animals in the garden and yard…


… like this mouse. She regularly catches them, plays with them for a while, then brings them to the back door of the house as a gift to her owners, and upon being ignored, devour the mice. Thursday, Nicky ate three during the day; most days it’s at least one. Ewww.

Nicky also has caught fledgling and stunned birds before, but never to our knowledge has she killed any of them; likewise with frogs, and a praying mantis (once).

So, I’d say that story takes care of most of the questions, except the museum question. Um… they have cats in museums, right?

Now the obligatory forwarding of the meme – I have to pass it along to 9 other blogs in this instance, picked out for their interest in animals (sorry to those guys if they’ve already been selected for the meme):

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PS – Thanks Mary Ann (Five Wells) for pointing out that which I forgot – technorati doesn’t recognize links ‘below the fold.’



  1. My cats that live in my house catch mice when they show up during our first snow of the year (I can always expect that)! I have even had one cat catch a bat that was in the house . . . . uggg! Thanks for the link!

  2. […] blogger quand il reçoit un mème ou une chaîne. Je fais, en effet, partie des heureux élus de Dan du blog Migrations pour répondre aux questions […]

  3. Here’s an animal meme for ya- BUFFALOLZ!


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